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Google Maps

When traveling to Sofia, Google Maps is a fantastic software to download because it provides excellent maps of the city, navigation, and directions, as well as the ability to identify nearby points of interest.


An excellent app to download before traveling to Sofia is TripAdvisor. You can read reviews, order tickets, and learn about the city's top attractions and eateries.

The app also has a section titled "Things To Do" that contains all the well-known tourist destinations in Sofia as well as other close-by cities like Plovdiv or Ruse.


You may easily reserve a trip with the cab ordering app TaxiMe. Directly from the app, you can follow your driver, make a card or cash payment, and even leave the driver a tip.

Sofia Guide

The Sofia City Guide is a thorough guide to the city that includes in-depth explanations of the sights, dining options, and lodging options. Also, it contains details about public Wi-Fi hotspots in Sofia.

Sofia Public Transport

The municipal bus app is essential if you're moving about Sofia. It offers English real-time information about bus schedules, routes, and arrival times. The app will notify you when your bus is scheduled to arrive at your stop and includes maps of every station in Sofia.

Sofia Airport: -View airport maps; -View flight status; -Discover transit choices

Translate Bulgarian

If you intend to stay in Bulgaria for an extended period of time, learning some basic phrases is essential. Even if you don't speak it well, being able to order food and ask for directions will make your stay much more enjoyable. This software is fantastic since it allows you to practice speaking both English and Bulgarian simultaneously by providing both Bulgarian and English translations.

By downloading these applications before your trip, you'll be well-prepared to explore all that Sofia has to offer. And if you're looking for comfortable and convenient accommodations, be sure to check out Vitosha Downtown Apartments and Grand Vitosha Apartments.

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