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Haven't you felt the Christmas spirit yet? Here you will find several suggestions that will bring you coziness and joy in your hearts and immerse you in the atmosphere of fabulous Christmas miracles and are a great place to share happy moments with your loved ones!


Christmas town in Paradise Mall

Here you will find traditional mulled wine, delicious burgers, sausages and many more delicacies, combined with holiday lights, decorations and Christmas mood. There will be various activities for young and old that will make you smile and leave a great memory. Some of them are: a culinary show with popular chefs, a puppet theatre for the youngest visitors, LIVE concerts, various Christmas workshops (how to make your own toys, sweets, etc.), Instagram photography workshop.

A program with a special fire show and an exhibition of ice figures await you, and each of the visitors will have the opportunity to look at them closely, touch them and take pictures with them as a souvenir. The Christmas town will be located in Paradise from 1.12 to 23.12 on the 2nd floor (open terrace).


Christmas village in Chavdar

For the first time, we will have a similar Christmas village on the central square in the village of Chavdar on 4 consecutive Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11.12 to 1.01 and with special surprises on New Year's Eve. Countless festive Christmas lights will illuminate the square. You will find a variety of German dishes, traditional mulled wine, other Christmas drinks and surprising cocktails. You will have the incredible chance to try local products, Christmas cakes and delicacies prepared on-site in the cozy and modern bakery "Provence".There is a rich entertainment program for all ages, but mostly a lot of Christmas surprises and gifts for the youngest guests.

For the children,  there are Christmas theatre performances, various workshops - making bread and sweets, making handmade jewellery, open lessons in folk dances.


Sofia Christmas city

It will be located in specially designed houses and tents on the alley next to the Kabana cinema from 9.12. There you will find mulled wine and brandy, Bulgarian wines, coffee and tea, pastries, meat products, pumpkin with honey, vegan offers, etc. "Bear Stories" are visiting the Christmas town and have prepared many interesting stories about the life of bears, whose main purpose is to provoke love for wild animals.

Opening hours: every day from 9.12 to 23.12 from 11.30 to 21.30

And if you are not from Sofia, you can book an apartment very near to this Christmas market - our Vitosha and Grand Vitosha Apartment would be the perfect option - they are 6-7 minutes away by walking.


Christmas town in Boyana cinema center

The scenery of ancient Rome will be transformed into a real Christmas town. Festive lights will shine on its streets and you will be able to buy pizza and other specialities made by the best restaurants in Sofia. Among the scenery of Rome will be an ice rink, a circus in the Colosseum, a real carousel, an Instagram carousel, a large stage for star musicians and small street artists.

The decors will include various rooms with a daily program, workshops for kids and adults, fabulous rooms for children, Santa Claus with gifts, a photo corner, puppet theatre, cinema screenings and 3D art installations.

On the peak of Christmas (December 25), the big stage of the Roman square will gather some of the best native performers such as Grafa, Mihaela Fileva and RUSHI for a phenomenal concert that will end the whole Christmas story told at the Boyana Cinema Center. The capacity of the event will be limited to 2,000 people. Opening hours will be from 12 noon to 22 pm. On 11.12, it will open at 6 pm, and on December 24 it will close again at 6 pm.

Anyone can buy tickets only online from the epay.bg platform. Children up to 5 years (inclusive) enter the event and use the attractions for free (but must be accompanied by an adult).