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Vitosha Downtown Apartments for rent in Sofia, Bulgaria - 15 Tzar Assen Str.
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Academica Aparthotel in Sofia, Bulgaria
Grand Vitosha Downtown Apartments - 78 Knyaz Boris Str.

Academica Hotel Apartments in Sofia, Bulgaria - 17 Academic Boris Stefanov Str.

Spending a night in Sofia can be quite pleasant and memorable if you choose one of our luxurious hotel apartments in Academica Aparthotel. Located in a new building on “Akad. Boris Stefanov” str. our apartments offer excellent accommodation in the most dynamic and youthful area of Sofia – the Student City, located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. Convenient transportation to the subway station "G. M. Dimitrov" offers quick transfer to the downtown or any other area in the city. The many pubs, bars and night clubs offer unforgettable touch to the most active nightlife in Sofia. Some of the studio-apartments have also a Mountain view - the beautiful Vitosha mountain is located very close to Student's city.