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The center is the place to visit many museums, art galleries, parks and cute cafeterias. Sofia is a city so rich in history that you can even see unearthed Doric columns just lying in public parks and around different buildings. Recent excavations uncovered even more Roman finds – the remains of the ancient city of Serdika with well preserved amphitheatre, and old Roman road and various other objects that soon will be available as tourist attractions. There are many wonderfully decorated Christian Orthodox churches, as well as a Mosque and a Synagogue within a walking distance from one another. Summer, spring and autumn are all great times to visit Sofia, even though it sometimes get really busy with roaming traffic and way to many people on the city streets. From July to the end of August it gets better, though – many residents are out of town as it makes the best time for tourist and visitors to enjoy a less chaotic and noisy, traffic-free capital. Here we have a couple of intriguing walking tour suggestions for sightseeing. You can easily spend anything from a couple of hours to a full day for a whole tour of the main attractions found in the center of town.


Alexander Battenberg Mausoleum

The Alexander Battenberg Mausoleum, currently being restored, is found on 81 Vassil Levski Blvd., not far away from the Sofia University and Orlov Most (Eagles' Bridge), facing the Monument of the Soviet Army and the park. The Mausoleum has been built in 1897 and designed by world renowned Swiss architect Hermann Meyer.


Central Mineral Baths Another astonishing building that goes through what seems and endless restoration process, and sadly at most times only available to look on the outside. The Central Mineral Baths building has been completed in 1908 in beautiful Neo-Byzantine style and housed a large pool, as well as separate spaces for men and women, with a smaller pool in each wing. The building was created by famous Bulgarian architect Petko Momchilov and currently serves as temporary exhibition space, waiting for better times and the blessing of Sofia Municipality.


Alexander Nevsky Crypt Museum This is a wonderfully cool and silent crypt right under the cathedral bearing the same name and standing proud in the center of Sofia right behind Sofia's Art Academy and the House of Parliament. As of today it serves as a exhibition space for a rich collection of old Bulgarian arts, held by the National Art Gallery. It's main focus however is Orthodox Church Art from 4th century until the renowned 19th century Bulgarian National Revival period. You can see there mostly icons as well as some 300 items that are part of a permanent exhibition and also a old altar cross and a pair of altar details from Rila monastery.