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Must see attractions in Sofia

The City Garden · Museum of the History of Sofia Traveler's Club Chitalniata Museum of Dolls Wine Museum Rotonda “St. George” Vitoshka Museum of Illusions Ancient complex Serdica St Alexander Nevsky 



Romantic places in Sofia (in rainy weather)

February passed and with it the euphoria of Valentine's Day. But if you, like me, are romantic in nature, then believe me, you can have a great time with your partner in Sofia, as long as you know where to look.

Christmas bazaars in and near Sofia

Haven't you felt the Christmas spirit yet? Here you will find several suggestions that will bring you coziness and joy in your hearts and immerse you in the atmosphere of fabulous Christmas miracles and are a great place to share happy moments with your loved ones!


Swimming pools in Sofia and around the city

If you are looking for an escape from the heat, lined with summer mood and fun, during your stay in Sofia, then this ranking of the best pools in the city is for you. If you are visiting the capital only for a short time, it is more appropriate to look for coolness in the city, that way you won't be wasting time travelling.

Interesting Places for children during your stay in Sofia - part 1

Regardless of whether your stay in Sofia will be long-term or short-term, in case you have children, this article will be very useful to you. Here we will summarize the most interesting places in the capital that you can visit to make your children happy and create memories that they will remember for a long time.

Vitosha mountain near Sofia

Not many capital cities have the gift of a mountain so close by. Vitosha is dominating the city view and is only 15 km from the center. It is a wonderful place to rest and take walks in summer, spring and autumn, and a fine winter ski resort in winter. The mountain provides numerous hiking routes and skiing opportunities. It is also an excellent place to escape the summer heat.

Sofia Sightseeing - Visit the Museum of Military History

Most people will agree war is a cruel and sad event, but knowing history, and most of all learning from it seems like the only way to avoid such mistakes in the future. Are you avid fan of history? Do you enjoy learning more about war history, significant battles, aviation, tanks, artillery and stuff like that? Then take a visit to the National Museum of Military History in Bulgaria's capital – Sofia

Take a tour at the National Ethnographic Museum and Art Gallery in Sofia

The National Ethnographic Museum is located in the city center, facing the City Garden and the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” and it is one of the most popular sightseeinghig hlights in Sofia. This elegant building would hardly go unnoticed – today the Museum is housed in what was once the Royal Palace. This remarkable monument of culture is well preserved and has served different purposes through the years.

Sofia sightseeing - Beautiful places to visit in Sofia city center

Bulgaria's capital – Sofia is a beautiful city and sports a compact center with a lot to see within a walking distance. Lots and lots of charming smaller streets with pretty neo-classical and secession buldings and even baroque elements.

A church, a mosque, a synagogue – the tradition of religious tolerance in Sofia

Sofia is a colorful and lively city with way too many great sightseeing landmarks located in the very center within a walking distance. Churches and religious buildings contain some of most exciting and colorful tourist experience in every given country, and in Sofia there is a lot to see in that vein. While most of the people heap and gather to see huge churches like the St. Alexander Nevski Orthodox Cathedral (which is also a must see), there are numerous smaller religious landmarks in Sofia that go way underrated.

Sofia Sightseeing: Take a walk in the park

There's quite a lot to see and experience in Sofia, since this is a lively city with a rich cultural and historical past. But if you need a break from all that noise and people on your toes, then it's off to some quality time relaxing in the green.