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In each of them, the music starts the moment the participants take to the dance floor, with no one knowing in advance what the DJ will play.

The dancers choose their own style, relying on their dancing skills and ability to improvise.

Different street dance styles can be used - hip-hop, locking, popping, waacking, voguing, house, tutting, krumping, dancehall, afro dance, except breaking.

The audience will have a decisive role in determining the winner of each bout.

Pre-registration is required for dance floor battles.


This year, Buzz Sneakers Station (a leading fashion brand for "street" clothing and footwear) is participating as a partner of Red Bull Dance Your Style Bulgaria.


Event program:

- Qualifiers - on 16 June (Sunday) at 19:00 in front of the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" (5 Deacon Ignatius Street), in the City Garden - just a few minutes walk from our apartments.

16 participants, selected after preliminary auditions, face each other in dance duels, with the audience deciding which three of them will win a place in the national final. Free entry.

- National Final - 21 June (Friday) at 20:00 in front of the NPC (National Palace of Culture) - at the NPC metro station or 10 minutes walk from our apartments.

The 3 qualifying winners will be joined by 13 of the best dancers and choreographers in the country.


The king or queen of the dance floor will take part in the Red Bull Dance Your Style global finals on 09 November in Mumbai, India, where he or she will be able to compete against dancers from over 50 countries.


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