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February passed and with it the euphoria of Valentine's Day. But if you, like me, are romantic in nature, then believe me, you can have a great time with your partner in Sofia, as long as you know where to look.


In addition to our apartments for rent in Sofia, the services that our company provides will soon include selected activities and extremely inspiring places near our hotel apartments in the center - places where you can enjoy the company of a loved one, eat delicious food, treat yourself with wine, or choose an experience to remember with a smile for years.

Here I will only hint at some of the experiences that our company will offer our guests during their stay in Sofia. Even if you are not a client of Sara Tours, and you happen to be here, take advantage - I promise it will be unforgettable:

1. Dinner in the dark: Turn off the lights and unlock the senses!

2. Chocolate tasting: let's not be fooled - it was said for men, but it applies for everyone, the way to a person's heart is through the stomach!

3. Wine tasting: you will enjoy high-quality Bulgarian wines.

4. Escape Room: Embark on this challenge together and see how you will cope as a team with a common goal.

5. Making cocktails: this is a skill that can melt ice during heated arguments with your loved one - master it with the help of our cocktail mixologist

6. Massages: a perfect shared experience that you both deserve!

7. Photo session in the center of Sofia: take a walk with our photographer on the streets of Sofia and we will reveal the beauty of places you may have passed dozens of times, but never noticed and will seal this pleasant experience on paper.

8. Paint and Sip: learn something new while enjoying a glass of wine. Who knows - you may find a talent you didn't expect to have!

Once the weather forecast is dominated by sunny weather, I promise you that I will share exceptional places in the open air that will surely leave you breathless!