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From 09 May (Europe Day) to 12 May Sofia turns into a beautiful open-air gallery within the Lunar 2024 Festival of Lights.

22 light works on landmark buildings and parks by more than 20 artists from around the world will immerse the capital in light magic - video and static 3D mapping, light installations, laser show and immersive experiences. The event route is 4.5 km long.

The Lunar Light Festival is organised by MP-STUDIO, together with one of the largest light art festivals in the world, Festival of Lights (the first edition was in 2005 - in Berlin).

In Bulgaria it is held with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the European Parliament, the Representation of the European Commission, Sofia Municipality, the National Culture Fund and the general media support of bTV Media Group.


Lunar 2024 Festival Programme

All light works and installations are active every day until 12 May (Sunday) from 21:00 to 00:00, with some exceptions.

Admission is free for all residents and visitors.


- Traveller - video mapping show with author Ari Dickier

Hyatt Regency Sofia hotel building, on Vasil Levski Square - a 15-minute walk from our apartments.

The work captures the beautiful journey that is every day of our lives and the importance of enjoying the moment - here and now.

End of projections - 23:30.

- Precious Moments - Video Mapping Show

Hyatt Regency Sofia hotel building, on Vasil Levski Square - 15 minutes walk from our apartments.

End of projections - 23:30.

- The dance of natural elements - video mapping show

National Gallery - Square 500, Alexander Nevsky Square, 15 minutes walk from our apartments.

The work shows the interaction between the basic elements of nature and man.

- Fairytale Home - Video Mapping Show

The building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), on the side of ul. 15th November and ul. Shipka, next to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Parliament building - a 15-minute walk from our apartments.

The magnificent Renaissance facade of the BAS building becomes a home where fairy tales come to life. The venue is part of the festival programme for the first time.

- World at Risk and Hope for the Future - an immersive 360-degree experience that transports viewers to the hottest spots on the planet.

In the Knyazheska Garden, off Knyazhe Blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel - next to St. Kliment Ohridski" - a 15-minute walk from our apartments, at the metro station St. Kliment Ohridski".

Start - 21:00, with replays every 30 minutes and sound in Bulgarian and subtitles in Bulgarian and English.

- Your Voice - video mapping show

National Gallery - The Palace, 1 Knyaz Alexander I Square - a few minutes from our apartments.

A journey into the complex world of choice that brings both unknown and unique opportunity.

- ARThive - static projection

the building of the State Agency for Archives, ul. Moskovska 5, next to the National Gallery - the Palace - a few minutes from our apartments.

Work of visual artists from 5 countries (Daniel Margrav, Pani Pavlovski and MP-STUDIO) using documents stored in the State Agency of Archives.

- CyberFlo - hologram light installation

Sofia Largo, the Independence Square underpass - a few minutes walk from our apartments, at Serdika metro station and Balkan Hotel.

Viewers will find themselves in a fairy garden, in a world of transforming flowers.

The work has 7 elements.

- Myths and legends - video mapping show

Regional History Museum - Sofia, 1 Banski Square - a few minutes walk from our apartments, at Serdika metro station.

On the facade of the beautiful building of the Regional History Museum - Sofia, visitors will see a fascinating interweaving of mythical stories and characters.

- Diffussion - video mapping show with author MP-STUDIO

The exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of the exhibition "Diffusion Studio" on the street. Knyaz Aleksandar I 4, by the City Garden - a few minutes walk from our apartments.

The facade of the building is transformed into an abstract world where lights and shadows dance. A journey through the world of shadows followed by a light flashmob.

- Lunar Night - floating light installation

in the City Garden, the fountain in front of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre - a few minutes walk from our apartments.

- Atelier "Painting with Light" - light interaction with the audience

in the City Garden, next to the State Art Gallery - a few minutes walk from our apartments.

Visitors can engage in an entertaining game by unleashing their imagination.

Using the photographic technique of light-painting, the workshop presenters will paint their creations with light in the space, and the light paintings themselves can be obtained on a mobile phone.

The workshop will take place on Friday, May 10 and Sunday, May 12 from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


- Press the button - video mapping show

at 11 Slaveykov Square - a few minutes walk from our apartments.

Viewers will be challenged to "push the button" to discover the fun world hidden in every home, an amazing combination of sound and light, an unsuspected secret and a little zumba.

- Covenant - light installation

on Slaveykov Square - a monument to Petko and Pencho Slaveykov, ul. "Solunska" №1

The monument to the famous Bulgarian poets Petko and Pencho Slaveykov comes to life to tell about the strong bond between them, expressed in Pencho Slaveykov's poem "My Father in Me''.

- In the vortex of the city - a permanent light installation

The artwork is located in the underpass between Blvd. Vasil Levski Str. Georgi S. Rakovski and was created within the previous festival by students from the National Academy of Arts.

- This year there is also a new festival location - South Park 2, behind SAMSI (Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art, 2 Cherni Vrah Blvd.).

It is located behind the NDK (National Palace of Culture), near the Hilton Hotel and the National Museum "Earth and People". You can get there from our apartments in 20 minutes on foot or by metro - line M2, near the metro station European Union.

There are 9 works of art represented:

- On the back facade of the Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art can be seen the show Touch-scapes.

An interactive 3D mapping projection that invites visitors to share their messages on it and from them computer generated works are created in real time.

It projects the need for touch for every human being and especially for blind people.

- Whisper - a static projection on wood;

- Stream of Dreams - static projection on floor;

- Infinity - a light installation by Philip Jacobson;

- Inspiraled - a light installation by Philip Jacobson - an impressive geometric form of 67 wooden spirals. The artwork is inspired by bTV Media Group's "The Good Example" brand.

- imPULS - light installation - the rhythm of the heart "comes to life" with the help of the audience.

- Cyber Rings - light installation by MP-STUDIO;

- Digital Reality - light installation with authors Lorena Hidalgo Lucena, Stefan Vassilev, Ivana Gigova, Mikhael Popov;

Viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the digital space.

There are a few additional instructions - you need to click on the "Augmented Reality" button and scan the QR code at the bottom of the electronic sign.

- Mystical Forest - a light show with author Andy Faulkner


Detailed information about the LUNAR 2024 programme and a map with the location of the different venues can be found on the website www.lunarlights.eu.


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