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Bulgaria is one of the largest wine producers in Europe and is known for its high-quality white and red wines (mostly dry and semi-dry) and rosés. With over 5,916 wine varieties worldwide, including 120 endemic Bulgarian wine varieties, the country boasts a rich wine culture.

Things to do in Sofia: For wine enthusiasts visiting Sofia, exploring the city's wine bars and specialty shops offers a delightful experience.

Travel to Sofia: Travelers can indulge in wine tasting experiences at various locations across Sofia, sampling a wide range of Bulgarian and international wines.

Hotels in Sofia: Visitors to Sofia can enhance their stay by exploring the city's vibrant wine scene, with many wine bars and shops conveniently located near our fully equiped hotel apartments located in the city center- see here.

Best Places to Stay in Sofia: For travelers seeking luxury two-bedroom apartments in Sofia, staying near wine bars and shops allows for easy access to wine tasting experiences.

Here are some top places for wine tasting in Sofia:

  • Vino Orenda (www.vinoorenda.com): Established in 2012, Vino Orenda is the first shop specializing exclusively in quality Bulgarian wines. With a wide selection of boutique wineries and wines from different regions in Bulgaria, Vino Orenda offers a unique tasting experience. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings and various events hosted by knowledgeable staff. Located at Macedonia 50A (Russian Monument Square), it's a short walk from many Sofia apartments.
  • CASAVINO (www.casavino.bg): CASAVINO is a chain of specialty wine and liquor stores with eight locations in Sofia and Varna. Offering over 1400 quality wines from around the world, CASAVINO provides a diverse selection for wine enthusiasts. The CASAVINO Zaimov store, located at bul. Janko Sakuzov 48, is conveniently situated in the city center, making it easily accessible for visitors staying in Sofia apartments.
  • Vinello (www.vaykwines.com): VAYK WINES opened its first wine and spirits shop in Sofia in 2010. With four Vinello wine shops offering a wide range of quality wines, visitors can explore rare and aged wines from prestigious wineries. Vinello Battenberg, located at ul. Knyaz Alexander Battenberg 16, is just a short walk from Sofia apartments, making it a convenient destination for wine tasting.
  • La Maison De Katarzyna Wine & Tapas (www.katarzyna.bg): La Maison de KATARZYNA Wine & Tapas offers a sophisticated wine tasting experience in the heart of Sofia. With a selection of Katarzyna Estate wines and mouth-watering tapas, visitors can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and outdoor seating. Located at Patriarch Evtimiy 86, it's close to many Sofia apartments and attractions.
  • Grape Central (www.facebook.com/grapecentralsofia): Grape Central is a cozy wine bar and restaurant located in the center of Sofia. Offering over 300 selected wines, both Bulgarian and international, Grape Central provides a diverse tasting experience. With a menu featuring dishes prepared with produce from the own garden and small producers, visitors can indulge in delicious food paired with quality wine. Located at ul. 45 Tsar Samuil, it's just a short walk from Sofia apartments.
  • Coupage Wine and Cheese Shop (www.facebook.com/coupage42): Located in the heart of Sofia, Coupage Wine and Cheese Shop offers a warm atmosphere and a selection of quality Bulgarian wines and cheeses. Visitors can taste or purchase Bulgarian wines from small wineries, accompanied by Bulgarian cheeses and cured meats. With outdoor seating available, it's a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy fine wine. Located at ul. Solunska 42, it's just a few minutes' walk from many Sofia apartments.
  • La Cave du Moulin (www.moulin.bg, www.facebook.com/moulin.bg): La Cave du Moulin is a cozy wine bar and shop in the city center, offering a wide selection of original wines from southern France. Guests can enjoy French cheeses and meat delicacies in a relaxed setting reminiscent of a French château cellar. With professional dispensers allowing customers to choose wines by type and quantity, it's an authentic French wine experience. Located at ul. Solunska 33, it's just a short walk from many Sofia apartments.
  • Wine Generator - Bulgarian Wine Hub (www.facebook.com/wine.generator.bulgarian.wine.hub): Wine Generator is a wine bar near Slaveykov Square, offering over 150 labels of the best Bulgarian wines. Guests can enjoy a cozy atmosphere while sampling Bulgarian wines paired with cheeses and charcuterie. With friendly staff eager to assist in wine selection, it's a hub for supporting small Bulgarian wine producers. Located at ul. Racho Dimchev 8, it's easily accessible from Slaveykov Square.
  • Vino & Tapas (www.vinoandtapas.com): Vino & Tapas wine bar and restaurant offers a wide selection of quality wines from around the world, paired with delicious Spanish-inspired dishes. Guests can enjoy a variety of tapas, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, in a relaxed atmosphere. With attentive staff ready to recommend the perfect wine, it's a delightful dining experience. Located at Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov 38, it's near the Sofia Opera and Ballet.
  • Balaban Wine (www.balaban.wine): Balaban Wine is a family-run wine bar and shop in the center of Sofia, offering a selection of quality Bulgarian wines and artisanal cheeses. Guests can enjoy outdoor seating and special wine events while sampling wines from selected Bulgarian cellars. With a friendly owner and cozy atmosphere, it's a charming destination for wine enthusiasts. Located at 22 Krakra Street, it's within walking distance of many Sofia apartments.



Exploring Sofia's wine bars and shops offers a unique opportunity to discover the rich diversity of Bulgarian and international wines while enjoying the city's vibrant culture and hospitality.